Empowering Health Coaches to run a business they love


Health Coaching

After a year in Vancouver, BC, Canada, I was so inspired by the focus on health I could see in this city on a daily basis, that I decided to become a Health Coach. I enrolled while I was still in Canada and started my training with the Institute For Integrative Nutrition only one day after I returned to Germany. 

After completing my certification, I didn’t start my coaching practice right away. I felt I needed more. Something different. That is when I joined my second Health Coach Training, this time with the Health Coach Institute. Their training program was very different from the IIN training, so it was perfect for what I was looking for. 

Funny enough, after I graduated from that second certification program and wanted to get started with my own coaching practice, my passion for setting up all things tech took over. I was fortunate to be in a group of Health Coaches that jumped on the opportunity to get help with the tech for their Health Coaching practice. At least for now, that is what I will focus on. Having gone through both trainings, I have a good feeling about what got taught and where pieces are missing that I could help with. I’m happy to have found this amazing group of people and that I’m able to support them through my various tech and coaching services.

I’m currently enrolled in a Life Coach certification to expand my coaching skills.

Virtual Assistant /
Online Business Manager

I studied math and computer science in university and became a computer coach in Berlin, Germany in 2010. In January of 2017, I made the jump to Virtual Assistant to expand my services to the online world, mostly to Health Coaches based in the US. And I’m so happy that I did. Being able to serve Health Coaches and other wellness Entrepreneurs with their tech really makes my day. 

I help with Done-For-You program setups, websites, and material branding.I also offer Tech Coaching where we jump on a video call to work on a tech issue together. You get my assistance step by step and improve your skills so you know how to do it yourself if you want.

I love to test new tools and systems to provide you with the best solution for your business. In order to do that even better, I’m currently enrolled to become a certified Online Business Manager. Think of this like a right-hand person for your business. Not only can I help get your tech ready, I will also be helping you to come up with a good strategy (tech and otherwise) for your biz and keep you accountable and on track for reaching your goals.