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How I work

I wanted to give you an overview of what it’s like to work with me and what you can expect. The finer details will obviously depend on your specific needs, but the overall setup will be very similar to what I outlined below. If you have questions about any of this, shoot me an email. I’m happy to chat.

All things Time

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Office Hours

Even though I’m located in Berlin, Germany, I run my business on Eastern Standard Time.

Business hours and when I reply to client emails, work on projects and schedule meetings are
Monday to Thursday 9am – 3pm EST.


Holidays & Vacation

I don’t work during German public holidays and I’ll enjoy a day off on my birthday (Feb 16th). As my client, I’ll remind you of any upcoming holidays at the beginning of each month.

I will also inform you about all vacation time that falls into your project timeframe.

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Meetings can be booked online through my scheduler and have a lead time of at least 24hrs.

All meetings will be online video calls via Zoom.

Time is valuable for the both of us, so please show up on time. Without any notice from you, I will only wait 5 minutes.

In the event that you need to change or cancel the meeting, I require a 24hr change / cancellation notice.

This is especially important if you booked a prepaid meeting: If I receive your notice before the call but with less than 24hrs lead time, refunds can be issued at my discretion. All no-shows without prior notice forfeit the meeting and will NOT receive a refund.

Getting Ready for your Project

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Discovery Call

Most projects start with an initial discovery call. To prep for the call you will receive a questionnaire where you can let me know what you are looking for. During the call, we get to go over your answers together and determine the best course of action.

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Based on your questionnaire and the discovery call, I will create a custom proposal for you where I suggest the right package for you and your planned projects.

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After you’ve accepted the proposal, you will receive the contract outlining the project(s) and the conditions of working together.



You receive an electronic invoice for the services selected.

All hourly and retainer packages require payment in full up front.

All project-only invoices include a non-refundable scheduling fee to secure your spot on my calendar. The scheduling fee is prepaid and work will commence once payment is received. All future payments are due according to the payment schedule outlined in the contract.

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Payments & Refunds

All invoice and fees are stated in US Dollars. At this point, I only accept online payment via credit card. Payments will be processed through Stripe.

If you buy a retainer package with me, I make a commitment to reserve that time for you in my schedule. For that reason, I don’t offer refunds on unused hours or allow unused hours to roll over to the next month.

During Your Project

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All communication during the project will happen via email. We will both start a new email for every new topic we want to discuss and add a fitting subject line. Unless it’s urgent, I will only respond to emails during office hours.


Shared Folder

We will use a shared Google Drive folder for all project files: You’ll upload everything that I ask for into it and I’ll add all my file deliverables there, too.

One place to keep everything organized.


Logins & Passwords

I will most likely need access to one or more of your accounts (like e.g. your email marketing solution or your website). To safely exchange those logins and passwords, I use a tool called LastPass. I ask that clients set up an account so that you can securely share your logins with me.


Project Management

I provide you will a detailed task checklist with due dates that I need you to complete. Since I build my schedule around those initial due dates, overdue tasks will most likely result in a delay of your project.

I expect you to inform me via email as soon as you notice that you will not be able to keep a deadline. In turn, I will immediately inform you about any delays that might occur on my end. 


Tracking Time

For all hourly packages, I will track the time spent on your project to the minute. You receive a weekly or monthly progress report to keep you in the loop about the time left in your package or retainer.

Team Effort


Zone of Genius

One big piece of enjoying your business is reducing the work you do to things you really love to do or where only you can do them. All other tasks are best delegated to someone that feels excited about them. Everybody is happy and motivated when they get to spend most of their time each day doing what they love. That includes you!

I follow the same idea in my own business. So whenever I encounter tasks that I feel somebody else could handle with more love and efficiency, I delegate them. So depending on the type of work we do together, you will not only get my expertise but possibly also the expertise of a few other hand-picked individuals. You might not meet them in person, but they are there to help me best support you and your business.


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