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I’ve described a few services here to get an idea about how I could help you. If you struggle with something that’s not on the list yet, please message me or book a DISCOVERY CALL to figure out if and how I can help you with your current problem or project. I’m always open to add more services to my list.

“done-for-you program” branding & setup

DFY Program Check

Have you recently purchased a Done-For-You program, but you are not sure what you need in order to use it?
I’m happy to go over you current tech setup and your DFY program with you to come up with an action plan of what tools you need and what needs to happen when.

DFY Program Setup

Need help getting all the tech pieces up and running for your Done-For-You program? Maybe you did my DFY Program Check and realize now that you see what is involved that you don’t want to do that alone. Then this package is for you.

DFY Program Branding

I love Done-For-You programs. Technically, all materials are pretty much done and that is obviously a big plus, but it can also be a minus:

Everyone that purchased the same product is likely to use the same materials. The same copy on sales pages, the same images, the same social media posts. That makes it harder to stand out. 

With my DFY branding packages, we will fix that. Yes, you will still use most of the content provided, but we will dress it up to fit your personality and your brand better. This will set your program apart from the competition.

Website Check

Unhappy with the state of your website? Maybe it’s hard for you to do the updates needed to keep it current? Book a website check with me and I’ll take a look. You inform me about all the issues you have with your current website and I’ll suggest a way to fix it.

Website Setup

So you want to have a website? Or maybe you already have one you don’t like and you want to start fresh? Great, let’s build you a website you’ll love.

Website Care Plan

Having a beautiful website is one thing, having it updated regularly and kept current with new materials in another. If you are looking for someone to take that off you plate, look no further. My website care plans are there to take care of your website for you.


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